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Hospitals, Aged care homes and schools,

To help keep your Como Office Hot Water Boilers up to standards and regularly serviced might seem like a hassle. However, this is something important to keep on for the safety and comfort of all parents, students and residents. All service people should be qualified and have a strong grasp on compliance needs for all appliances that they service.

Preventative maintenance program - You should have a professional conduct standard maintenance on each unit on a planned basis - usually annually - including filter cleaning and the removal of dust and lint.


Providing healthcare staff and patients with fresh, safe drinking water is essential to good health and fulfilling the health organisations responsibility. Instant boiling and chilled water dispensers are becoming increasingly popular throughout Australian healthcare facilities, giving staff and patients access to boiling and chilled water on tap.

Auto Boils - These are products for staff mainly as auto boilers are often is staff rooms. ZIP have a recycling steam system to preheat incoming cold water, making them energy efficient if you are interested in ZIP boilers you should browse through their site to see what type of instant boiler is best for your business. Auto boils save space on counters making small break areas less cramped. The other huge benefit for a hospital is that it kills 99.99% of gems.

Water chillers - There are two types of water filters that are used most in Hospitals which are under bench filters and standing chillers.

Age Care

Aged care facilities are an integral part of the Australian economy, providing essential care for older Australians who have helped shape this country. With 15% of Australia's population was aged 65 years and over (3.7 million people) and 2% aged 85 years and over (4888,000 people). It is predicted to grow to 18% of 65 and older in 2026 (5 million people). This is an important to note as the average age of the population grows so will the number of elderly in aged care and this will mean it will be even more important to have regular services performed on appliances as compliances in Como change and need to keep on top of. If you don't want to add to the stress of maintaining an aged care facility and keeping up to date with all bathroom hand dryer, water filters and coolers compliance's having a qualified service regally performed on your companies appliances.

Hand dryers - When looking for a supplier of hand dyers you want options for High traffic and fast working dryers as well as quite smaller options is a lot of versatility needed in aged care homes.

Auto Boils - These could be fitted to communal kitchens for easy and fast hot water dispensing that can help reduce risks for spillage of kettles or the elderly. The types of products that should be looked at are definitely two-way cool-touch safety taps as these taps mean that residents will not be burned by the tap.

A continuous quality improvement program is an essential part of the internal workings of the company. With internal service staff who have "in the field" working knowledge of all equipment. to keep your appliances working and working well, don't just call someone in when it breaks to prevent it from braking at all by servicing it. Maintenance is always key to keeping facilities the best they can be for customers. Office Hot Water Boilers systems are perfect for your Como Home, Business or aged care home.

If you would like to keep on top on of all the maintenance needs for your business take a look at some of the other local businesses in the Como area:

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for your contained support of vital facilities and for keeping Como Hospitals, Aged care and Schools hygenic and safe.