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GL Premium Glasswasher and Light Duty Dishwasher

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Washtech Glasswashers GL Premium Glasswasher and Light Duty Dishwasher

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The WASHTECH GL has our recirculating wash system suited to busy glasswashing operations, designed to deliver higher volumes of water through precision fan jets– 100 litres per minute for enhanced wash results. Combines new G series design features with a double filtration to ensure effective separation, collection and removal of food scraps to help keep the wash water clean during peak operation times. In addition to all the features of the GM, the GL offers ergonomically positioned top controls with unique one touch cycle controls – 1,2 and 3 minutes. Allows a longer wash cycle for washing more heavily soiled sideplates and cups, making the GL suitable where sandwiches, pastries or light snacks are served.
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